Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to visit    But let's face it, you didn't take time out of a BUSY day, you were bored to death;  or you wouldn't  be here!  :)
  Hey, whether you're a family member, a Facebook friend, a nosey person or a neighbor (or a combination of any) ........WELCOME!!!  I hope  something on this site makes you smile, makes you think, makes you laugh, makes you thankful.   I can't promise regular updates but come back soon.......ya never know what you'll find:)
       As for me.....I'm 42, born and raised in Ohio.   Fat and sassy pretty much covers it.  I've been a nurse for 4 1/2 years and it's been AMAZING!!!  I've never been so challenged and so in love with a career.   Not only do I get the privilege of being a nurse but I get to be a nurse for small children.   Does life get any better???
     Sleeping in is my favorite hobby.   I love to read, sew, do crafts and watch tv.  I hate long walks on the beach because walking involves excercise.   I'm a Pintrest addict.  
I have two girls; Molly is 20 and Zoe is 12.  Right now you're thinking about that age gap-----same mom, different dad.  
I am married to the original Super Man.  My husband has more loyalty, love and work ethic than any human I've ever met.   He's amazing.  As far as fathers go, he's the best.  As far as husbands go.......well let's be honest, he deserves better.  
So feel free to crawl around my website.  if you have any questions or comments get with me @

 Besides being a full time nurse, I also find a few minutes in the day to own and operate my own home business. I create grill rubs, chip dips and the best damn Bloody Mary mix you'll ever try!
       So why my own website?   Just entertainment for myself.   Look at my page and laugh.  You might be laughing AT me, but you're laughing.   And that's all that matters.  

Peace, wine and cookies
P.S.   Let your soul smile  

updated 9/17/14

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