Welcome to Wineymom.com!   You probably didn't stagger upon this site in a drunker stooper.....I probably nagged you to be here and you agreed...
            So let's pretend, for my ego, we haven't met.................  
I'm Jenn; a 42 year old midwest mom.  I'm the mom to 2 girls-- Molly is 20 and Zoe is 12.   My girls are so different yet so alike:)
        As for me..besides being a mom and besides being from Ohio, I'm also a nurse; I've been a nurse for 4+  years now and everyday is different in my field.  That's what I love about my proffesion.  You'll rarely hear a nurse say, "I'm bored."  
   I LOVE animals!! I'm passionate about animals....I have 2 cats, a really fat beagleX named Dodger and then we have Bree.  She is a very rare breed that few have heard of.  She's a mix between a snuggle bug and a sweetie pie:)   She definetly has earned her nickname, "Queen Bree."  
It's not just animals I'm passionate about, it's life.  I love my family and friends and my community.  I love to smile and laugh. It's been a long road and a hard struggle but I've found my comfort.  As a woman, that's a rare thing to get to say.  Don't get me wrong, I have my daily struggles but I enjoy life!
  Some of my hobbies include reading (I LOVE to read!), wineries and wine tastings, Geocaching, watching tv, crafts, sewing, cooking and knitting.  When I'm not camping, I'm dreaming about camping!    Most warm days you can find me on my front porch watching the birds eat from the feeders.  
      Besides being a full time nurse, I also find a few minutes in the day to own and operate my own home business.  Www.spicymarymix.com I create grill rubs, chip dips and the best damn Bloody Mary mix you'll ever try!
       So why my own website?   Just entertainment for myself.   Look at my page and laugh.  You might be laughing AT me, but you're laughing.   And that's all that matters.  

Peace, wine and cookies
P.S.   Let your soul smile  

updated 8/8/14

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